The easiest way to buy kitchen knives is to divide them according to their functions. The most commonly used knives in Western food are Chef Knives,Utility Knives, Paring Knife,Bread Knife,Boning Knife, Santoku Knife, Nakiri Knife,Peeling Knife and so forth. There are also some functional knives in the picture above, which can be purchased according to your needs.
The brand is different according to different needs. Generally speaking, Japanese-style knives are more cost-effective.The overall steel of German knives is relatively soft, which means that the knife needs to be sharpened frequently.When buying, you also need to choose according to your personal circumstances.
Now let us introduce the kitchen knife.


The Chef Knife is strong multi-functional for doing almost all tasks. The knife has a wide blade and an arc-shaped tip. It can handle meat, seafood, and vegetables.A great all-rounder, a Chef Knife is one of the most versatile knives in the kitchen, perfect for everyday dicing and mincing tasks. If you only choose one knife, then the Chef Knife is the best choice. So when you buy, buy it according to your favorite style and pattern.


A Utility Knife is a similar shape to a chef knife, but smaller and slimmer to allow for more intricate work. Utility Knife is good for chopping smaller foods and vegetables, like shallots. So, when your cook’s knife is a little too big for the job, you’ll want to reach for a Utility Knife instead.


A Paring Knife has a short, slim, evenly sized blade with a pointed tip. It tends to be light, to allow for easy handling during delicate work, such as  cutting, chopping and slicing fruits and vegetables, but they can also be used for a multitude of other kitchen tasks, like peeling, trimming, and removing seeds from fruit and veg.


The Bread Knife has a long blade and a jagged edge. It is mainly used to cut all sorts of different breads, or slice cakes with soft, fluffy textures, as they can cut through them without knocking the air out of the sponge or damaging the overall shape. Bread Knives are a cleaning killer,so be careful not to hurt your hands when cleaning.


The body of the Boning Knife is long and narrow, and the tip of the knife is easy to control. The steel used will not be very hard. Generally, VG10 is already very high, but the toughness is very good. Processing meat, such as removing the minced meat from the bone part, and removing the fascia of beef are the best choices. When using, you can slowly scrape the meat part along the gap between the bone and the meat, so you need to sharpen the knife from time to time.


Santoku Knife means that it is the three functions of cutting meat, vegetables, and fruit, and it is also said that it is the three functions of slicing, dicing, and mincing. Santoku Knives have long, slightly tapered blades with a drop point to allow for more precise, intricate cutting work. They usually have dimpling along the blade to prevent food from sticking to the metal. The general cooking needs can be basically met, so the Santoku Knife lies in its versatility and practicality. Compared with the Chinese kitchen knife, it has a smaller size and is more suitable for beginners in the kitchen. Linoroso Santoku Kitchen Knife,owing it to solve your cooking tricky things.


Compared with the Santoku Knife, the Nakiri Knife is more like a reduced version of the Chinese-style knife. It is lighter but feel good, so it is more suitable for women. The knife is exactly the same as the Chinese-style knife and can be used directly.They have a broad, rectangular shape, and they almost always have a hollow ground edge, which is very sharp when cutting vegetables.


A Peeling Knife has a short, rigid, and slightly curved blade. It will usually have a straight, extremely sharp edge to peel vegetables, potatoes and fruit, and it’s also sharp enough to easily slice through tough skins.

So here, preparing food is easier, faster, and safer when you have the right tools, but with so many different types of knives on the market, finding the one that suits your needs can be tricky.

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