18 Truths That Michelin Chefs Will Not Tell You About Grilling A Top Steak!

1. Leave it for 5 minutes to save all the gravy!

75% of beef is gravy, so it is important to keep this gravy as much as possible after cooking, so that the beef becomes juicy, which is why the beef should be left for a while.

When frying the steak, flip it once every 15 seconds. The point is that when to heat the beef, the protein will begin to shrink, which will force away the moisture in the beef. The cooked steak is very hot, so the fiber is still shrinking and can squeeze out the gravy. If you cut it now, all the gravy will be lost.

Then leave a steak for 5 minutes after frying, the fiber of this steak has been cooled and loosened, and the gravy will be stayed in the steak. At this time, the gravy flowing out of the cut steak is greatly reduced.

That shows how important it is to let the steak sit for a while after frying.

 2. Olive oil and butter? Not suitable for frying steak at all!

Sunflower oil and rapeseed oil are more suitable for frying steaks! Olive oil is only suitable for low-temperature cooking, and high-temperature frying will destroy its nutrition. The butter is fragrant but will conceal the taste of steak, which is not suitable for the gluttons who pursue the original taste of the ingredients.

3. Be sure to use whole fire! Will produce more than 100 kinds of meaty aroma!

Don't be afraid of the meat burning, don't be afraid of burning the kitchen, be sure to burn the pot until it smokes, and fry the steak on the whole fire. This is the legendary Maillard reaction: the high temperature makes the protein and sugar in the meat react, which can produce more than 100 types of meat aroma.

 4. Turn the steak once in 15-20 seconds to get steak a little crispy up.

Using a thermal imaging camera to photograph the steak frying process, we can see that the upward side will cool down quickly, but turning it over every 15 seconds can keep the surface high and the internal temperature will not be too high, which perfectly preserves the gravy.

 5.No thick steak ! For frying at home, 1-2.5 cm is enough.

Don’t pursue thick meat if you only have a pan at home. If you have an oven, you can try a 4cm thick steak. Use high heat for 30 seconds on each side, then put it in a preheated 260°C oven, and bake each side for 2 minutes.

 6.Don't wash the steak! Just suck the surface with kitchen paper.

How dirty can a steak be? You loosen the fiber of the beef and dilute the beef flavor if you keep washing the beef.

7.Use garlic to add flavor to the steak. This trick plays its queen of trumps!

Cut the raw garlic in half and rub it on the raw steak. Once it is fried in the pan, the smell makes your mouth water!

 8.Don't use sea salt? You regret it!

Sea salt is not used to embellish but to enhance the level of steak taste! The tongue touches the large dissolve salt grains, and for a while, it touches the unevenness of the meat, mixing with the taste of beef and constantly stimulating the buds of taste!

 9. Don't cook the steak when the temperature is less than 20°C!

The inside of the steak that has just been thawed or taken out of the refrigerator is only 3~4°C. Be sure to let the meat reach a room temperature of about 20°C inside and outside for 30 minutes. The steak will be ripped quickly without losing too much juice.

 10. You can also try green pepper~

If the meat is not too fat, you can also try green pepper, which has a more refreshing aroma and milder spiciness, which can bring out the aroma of lean beef better than black pepper. But it must also be freshly ground for the flavor to be sufficient.

11. Filet mignon is the most tender, but the eye flesh and T-bone are more flavorful.

Thinness and tenderness can be achieved at the same time, which is the biggest feature of Filet, especially for girls who lose weight. But if you want to eat meaty, you have to go to the ribeye and T-bone.

12.You have a piece of top steak meat? Then don't use sauce!

Don't spoil the top steaks with sauces, it's just you. Just marinate with sea salt and black pepper, the good meat is worth your time to return to the basics.

 13. Don't forget to fry the fat on the edges of the meat!

Don't you think the circle of fat around sirloin steak is embarrassing when eating? Stand it up and fry it, the fatty skin will be very crispy, and it will taste super better with lean meat.

 14. Choosing steaks, don’t just look at snowflakes!

The choice of steak meat depends on whether the degree of snowflakes is marbling, whether the flesh color is naturally ruddy, whether the fat color is snow-white, and whether the fat thickness satisfies you.

15.What can I do to save you, my M12

Many people dream for eating the M12, but most people feel very greasy when they eat it. Is it really suitable for frying? Is it really suitable for eating in large chunks? Not everyone can afford to be super top, we think M7~8 is the most perfect.

16. Not all steak knives have serrations!

Even if it is blunt, it can cut. This is the truth about serrated knives. In fact, a good toothless knife cuts a steak like tofu, which feels even better!But for a steak knife, appearance is secondary, sharpness is the last word.

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 17. The striped frying pan is just used to mount the high horse!

The best way to cook a steak is to grill it on an open flame, and the grill can also produce beautiful stripes! So there is the striped frying pan. In fact, a thick pig iron pan is enough, it can continue to provide a uniform ultra-high temperature, the steak can be burned frantically on it all the time!

18. There is a steak method called Sous Vide.

Sous vide means sous vide cooking. Marinate the steak, vacuum-pack it, and cook it in water below 80°C for a long time, and then take it out for quick frying. The steak made in this way will be perfect: the skin is thinly charred and crispy, the meat is 5-7 minutes of maturity, and the color is uniform and tender!